100% Polyester Jacquard Fabric Solid Dark Green Color for Sewing Men Robe Clothing CS3288

High quality 100% Polyester fabric,110g/square meter (3.24 oz/yd square),Full Width is 110cm per pieces,Soft, fine and smooth texture, good gloss, good drape and air permeability, high color fastness (yarn dyeing), especially large jacquard fabric with large and exquisite patterns, clear color layers and strong three-dimensional sense.It is ideal for African Robe,suits,shirts and Africlife Houseware, drapery, cornices, curtains, upholstery, tablecloths and pillows,etc.

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Specifications Name: 100% Polyester Jacquard Fabric Solid Dark Green Color Material: 100% Recycled Polyester Density: 94*60 Feature: Anti-static,Anti-UV,Fusible,Shrink-Resistant,Tear-resistant,Waterproof. Thickness: Moderate Brand: Africlife Weight Per Square Meter: 105-115(g/㎡)Style No.: CS3288 Product Style: Organic Fabric Fabric Weave: 100D*150D Handfeel: Soft Elastic Index: Non-elastic Style: Graphic Jacquard Supply Type: In-Stock Items & Make-to- order

100% Polyester,High color fastness

High clear texture prints,and neatly weaving craft.

Strong Anti-wrinnkle ability,easy to recover and durability

Africlife brand tells you the maintenance method of jacquard fabric
6 yards/piece bag,10 pieces/PVC bag,600 yards/bale. Specia packing also can be provided,Such as polyester fabric rolled on a strong tube, and packaged in a plastic bag packing,exquisite cartons are also available if needed.
1.washing: when washing the fabric, it is not suitable to rub it with rough clothes, and it is not allowed to be washed by washing machine.Correct approach should immerse the clothings of this kind of fabric in clear water bubble 5, 10 minutes, reuse special detergent or neutral soap, gently rub gently, rinse repeatedly with clear water next can. 2. Air drying: it is not suitable to be exposed to the sun after washing, and it is not suitable to dry with a dryer. Usually, the clothes should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry.Because the strong ultraviolet light in the sun is easy to make the silk fabric yellowing, fading and aging, so it is best not to wring and twisting the clothes after washing this kind of fabric and go to the water, just gently shake it out, and then face out to air, dry to 70% and then ironing or shaking it out. 3. Ironing: the wrinkle resistance of this kind of fabric is slightly worse than that of chemical fiber, so if the clothes are wrinkled after washing, you can iron them, so as to be crisp, elegant and clean and beautiful.The temperature when ironing should be controlled in the following 150°C, iron should not be pressed directly to touch silks face, lest produce aurora, damage fabric. 4. Storage: For this kind of fabric, it should be cleaned and ironed dry before collection.Only through ironing, can have the effect of bactericidal extermination.At the same time, in the storage of clothing boxes, cabinets, to keep clean, as far as possible sealed, to prevent the secondary pollution of dust.

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